Our Life Today

So much has changed since I posted here last, yet much has remained the same. Life is bustling and busy as ever, crazy & stressful, but most of all…..good.

Over the years my camera has served more as a dust collector (sadly) than a story writer and taken a back seat to our iphones. But sometimes it calls to me, and when it does I answer. Here are a few details of our life as we know it in 2015 so far.

Hobbies new and old mixed in with routines work and school

Gage will graduate in a few weeks. Then off he will go to the Air Force end of June! Can’t believe the time has come for him to leave. I remember thinking that I had all this time and here it is.

And Easter, without ducks and chicks, yet just as sweet.

One of my favorite quotes just about sums it all up

“The days are long, but the years are short”

~Gretchen Rubin


Easter Tradition 2014

Every year, for the last 5 years, the girls have had the opportunity to play with baby chicks, ducks and bunnies out in the country with a fellow photographer who graciously invites us to play. This year I took the time to capture a little video between the stills. Watching Lila’s little movements and hearing her sweet voice makes me long for more real time moments of them. Definitely an element I will add going forward, for I know one day they will no longer have an interest in such things.


There’s a reason this face is hardly seen here on the blog. If there were ever a kid who hated- excuse me, loathed- having a camera in their face, its my Jess. Instead of fighting it over the years and helping him overcome this awkwardness, I thought it better to leave him alone. Why force it. As his senior year approached, I knew I would have to face this day eventually! And honestly I was part excited and part filled with dread. I wanted this to be fun for him, and not just all about what his mom wanted. In the end, all I truly wanted was to capture his amazing smile, his sense of humor and the zany side of his personality. The kids a total rock star. His favorite channel is Comedy Central, he loves Moes (probably spends his paychecks there), beanies, vans and has really cool taste in music. When he’s not working or going to school or playing a gig, he’s writing music and teaching himself new riffs. He’s just rad, what more can I say.


Jesse loves music, I love light, and this is what we came up with. Sorry for the overload of images, guess I have a lot of years to make up for.

Mom/Gramma - . . . how about TOTALLY rad! You did it! These are simply wonderful, Christy! So proud of you both!

tracey - All of them. So great in every way. The light and the colors. The one of him walking in the parking garage. I just love it. You think I could get my thirteen year old to do this in a few years? #wishmeluck

rhonda - my FAVORITE one is him walking in the garage!! SO COOL! Great shots!

Lisa Webb - Wow Wow wow.. what amazing photos are quite a little spunk!! loooove the one of him laying down on the concrete wall next to the building.. such awesome work xxx

Just a Few

What a crazy semester! Who knew how crazy senior year would be- have yet to take Jesse’s senior pictures, let alone plan his grad party. Gage has been working, flying and rebuilding a plane. Lila still potty training- insert tears here. Addy has proven to be one smart cookie and such a creative spirit, so enjoying the daily illustrated stories she brings me. Lastly, Jim is closing out his 3 grueling courses (thank God, how I have missed him around here. And all those papers to proof read? Oh my eyes!) Just trying to keep up with daily life and not loose whats left of my mind while trying to magically be in 3 places at once. Time online is sparse and I have been choosing to be more engaged in the real world, hence my absence here….and that other place….;)  It’s easy to rely on my phone for pictures and documenting, but still forcing myself to pick up the big guns. Here are a few favorites from the last 4 months. All edited with actions from my Private Collection. Spending mere minutes in Photoshop now rather than hours. Gotta love that!


Although my true favorites still somehow end up coming from that little iPhone….

Laura - Love!

tracey - I love it when you post here. I love Instagram, but I miss people’s blogs. I love the little four photos of your daughter and the crayon mustache especially.

What Milestones Looks Like | Lifestyle Project Month #15


Our November was filled to the brim with milestones and so many memorable turning points. This month we helped Jesse complete his college applications and ordered his cap & gown (how is this possible?). Witnessed Addy tie her shoes for the first time and read her very first sentences (that one still gets me). Potty trained Lila (work in progress) and listen to her utter her first near-sentences (spoken in a raspy little voice that usually begins with the word “NO”….no potty, no nappy and my personal favorite, no pitchuure). Prepared Gage for his driving test (he passed!). And celebrated a few birthdays in between- Addy 6, Gage 16, and Lila 2. So many big milestones and new beginnings all at once, I could barley stand it at times. The months only get crazier as the kids grow and take on new things. As a result, there’s not much else that gets done around here. I have somewhat given up on keeping a perfectly tidy house. Cleaning around here is like shoveling snow in a blizzard. But pictures, yeah I made time for that. So with all the goings on this month, I have lots to share…

Life with Addy is a bit of a roller coaster, as I am sure it is with most girls. We have some of this…

A whole lot of that…

And very little of this … (still)

My little emotional artist. She is incredibly strong willed, but possess a heart of pure gold. She is sensitive, pensive and tenacious.

Starting over is hard sometimes.

But well worth the effort.

 The box on the bar top. It holds keys, odds and ends like chalk, broken glittery hair clips (why I keep things like that don’t know), magnets and most importantly it holds one of my favorite old photographs of my Grandma, or as we call her, Tutu, our little Hawaiian endearment.

Li is a lover of books and music, equally. She will climb into her rocking chair with piles of them and sit there sometimes for an hour at a time quietly rocking and looking through the pages. Every now and then I can hear the faint singing of pieces of nursery rhymes from the other room.  So precious. I am amazed at her independent play.

And of course a day would not be complete without snuggles from Tucker.

And lots of play…

One of his gifts- he gets to fly again. That always make him happy.

We have a tiny circle this month. Please follow me on over to view the lovely work of Stephanie Moore | Tucson Family Photographer. Can’t wait to see what her November looked like!

Lindsey B - Christy….what a sweet month. So many big events and yet your images look like small intimate captures of a busy family.

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - These are so gorgeous and love the lifestyle shooting here. Your black and whites are so beautiful and grainy, I Adore them! And your lighting, it’s amazing!

rowe - so many beautiful moments captured! i love reading your words too. im with you on the tidy home front… its something i want desperately but its just not the most important thing to me anymore because life is too short to choose cleaning over playing with our kids or outings!

Rachel Clare - I love this project so so much. Such a great month for you, too. xo

laura - i love this post. that is really all i can say. genuine~

Sarah c - I absolutely love how you capture your family! Each one of these photos tells a story and I love all the emotion you really transcend with your images!!! Congrats on so many big milestones too wow!! It really has been so busy your way! I can only imagine how proud you must be mama!

tracey - So many beautiful photos I loved…the climbing onto the chair, the swing, the chalk creations. And random…I love your shower curtain. :)